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left to right - H. Jimenez, Carol Fenster
Hilda Jimenez and Carol Fenster

Hilda Argilagos-Jimenez
A first generation Cuban American mother of two, Hilda was one of the first to receive a Dance Education degree from Florida International University. As an award winning Magnet Dance director for Dade County Public schools, her students have received National winning dance titles and have appeared on ESPN and Fox Sports Network. Through her creative nature, she brings vibrant energy to the Baby Abuelita Company. As the co-founder of Baby Abuelita, Hilda hopes that the products will continue the Hispanic tradition of the childhood lullabies her mother sang to her as a child.
Contact Hilda at:HJimenez@babyabuelita.com

Carol Fenster
Born and raised on Miami Beach by parents who spoke Yiddish, Carol understood the lure of traditional songs that are passed down through the generations in any language. A practicing psychotherapist specializing in adolescent and family therapy, and the mother of a wonderful teenage daughter, Carol returned to Miami after obtaining her Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She became an active participant in community based charitable, arts, civil rights, and educational organizations. Utilizing her extensive experience in program development in both the public and private sectors, Carol has combined her passion for creating new socially relevant programs with her skills in organizational development, to co-create Baby Abuelita.
Contact Carol at:CFenster@babyabuelita.com