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Baby Abuelita is a proud contributor to The Toy Bank.
Every child deserves the right to imagine, dream, invent and have fun through toys and play. Through The Toy Bank, charities supporting underserved, homeless and at-risk children can obtain newly manufactured toys.

Baby Abuelita Wins the Americas Venture Capital Conference FedEx Access to Global Markets Prize for a Company with a Commitment to Expanding Global Trade
November 2010
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Baby Abuelita Productions Releases Bilingual Singing Doll for Holiday 2010
October 2010
Miami, FL – October 20, 2010 – Gifts that touch the cultural and traditional heartstrings of families will score big this holiday season and Baby Abuelita Productions is there to meet consumer needs.
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October 2009
Miami, FL – October 20, 2010 – Baby Abuelita Productions' Singing Abuelitos Hit a High Note This Year With the World's Largest Multinational Consumer Goods Company
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Licensing Expo Debuts Baby Abuelita's Expansion into Bedding and Home Products
May 9, 2008
MIAMI, FL, May 9, 2008 – Riding on the wave of rapid growth and popularity, Baby Abuelita Productions will showcase its new line of infant and toddler bedding, linens and related home products at the New York City Licensing Expo.
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Baby Abuelita Goes To SPOK
Feb. 27, 2008
Westport, CT - Miami, Fl-based based Baby Abuelita Productions has named Sound Points of Knowledge, LLC of Westport, CT as its merchandizing representative.
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International Toy Fair Gets Sneak Peek At Baby Abuelita DVD
February 12, 2008
45 minute DVD featuring animated Baby Abuelita characters as teachers of Hispanic culture.
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Baby Abuelita in the News

Miami Herald - Feb. 14, 2011
Past winners ride out recession, grow businesses
Sometimes winning the Business Plan Challenge is just the first step in an entrepreneurial journey.
by Nancy Dahlberg
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Miami Herald - Feb. 21, 2009
A bilingual future: More parents are sending their kids to language classes
Ten-year-old Elle Futernick spends half her day at Key Biscayne Community School speaking Spanish in the classroom. Twice a week she practices her Mandarin Chinese, along with older brother Zander. At home her family speaks English.
by Ana Veciana-Suarez
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Rosa and Pancho and link to story AARP Segunda Juventud - Winter 2008
Gifts for the Heart and Mind
For Latino patients, bilingual or Spanish-language items may prove especially effective in treating Alzheimer's and other memory-robbing diseases.
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Baby Abuelita Productions was honored to present its products as a special feature at the American International Toy Fair in New York City held February 17-20th, 2008.
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The National Parenting Publications Awards Honors Winner: Baby Abuelita Baby Andrea Doll
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The Miami Herald - November 8, 2007
When is the Right Time to Grow Your Family?
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COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM - September 18 - 24, 2007
Moms' Business Gets Backing, Goes National
by Gary Alan Ruse
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San Antonio Hispanic PR - September 2007
BLas Munecas Baby Abuelitas Cantan Canciones
Baby Abuelitas Dolls Sing Lullabies

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PRNewswire - August 20, 2007
Baby Abuelita Sings Sweet Tune as New Investor Brings on 'Rock' Solid Support For Expansion of Hispanic Doll Company
Danny Garcia Johnson, CEO of JDM Partners LLC, joins Baby Abuelita's Investor Team
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TD Monthly - February 2007
Books: Supplementing Reading
Books To Sing With and Sleep With

Baby Abuelita Productions inspires bilingual sing-alongs with Sing Along with Abuelita Rosa.
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Miami Business Wire Press Release January 8, 2007
Kid's Business Is No Child's Play
Why Companies That Cater to Children's Needs Are Booming

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Hispanic Tips - Comprehensive Daily Hispanic & Latino News - November 20, 2006
Hispanics Select Gifts That Embrace Culture - Baby Abuelita
More than ever, gifts that touch cultural and traditional heartstrings will score big this holiday season.
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Southern Living Magazine: Florida Living Section - November 2006
Dolls Croon a Lullaby
"When our kids have kids this may be the only way for them to hear what a Cuban grandmother sounds like."
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Hispanic Market Weekly - November 16, 2006
Industry Snapshot: Toy Manufacturers
Baby Abuelita dolls, created by Miami-based Baby Abuelita Productions, have been singing success for this Hispanic-owned start-up.
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Philadelphia Inquirer - November 5, 2006
Bilingual playthings: Muy grande business
The $20 billion toy industry is courting Hispanics.
"We had to explain that within the Hispanic community, grandparents are the keeper of the culture. They participate in raising the children and really help keep the traditions alive."
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San Antonio Business Journal - August 11, 2006
Bromley sings the praises of Baby Abuelita dolls
"This is a fascinating story... not your usual corporate tale. Three working mothers felt the need to preserve family heritage and they created these dolls to do that."
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TD Monthly - July 2006
New & Notable Toys: Plush
Uniquely conceived and created by three working mothers, Baby Abuelita's warm and loveable dolls seek to preserve traditional Spanish language lullabies and nursery rhymes that are being lost to younger generations of Hispanic-Americans.
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Tampa Bay Times - July 21, 2006
Baby Abuelita Dolls Sing Nursery Rhymes In Spanish
The Baby Abuelitos sings many songs that invite young children to listen to songs that are apart of Hispanic musical heritage.
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Tampa Bay Times - July 21, 2006
Sing along with Baby Abuelita
What was that old song Grandma used to sing? Three Miami women want to make sure you never forget.
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Selecciones (Reader's Digest in Spanish) - May 2006
Doll Melodies (article translated from original Spanish printing)
They are the sounds of our childhood, songs that are enchanting and relaxing. Our grandmothers sang them to us to put us to sleep and our mothers hummed them while they cooked. These familiar melodies put us in touch with times we would like to recreate, even if for the pleasure of seeing our children smile.
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TD Monthly - February 2006
Bringing Up Baby, Bebe, Bambino - Multicultural Toys Take Over the World
With the popularity of multicultural toys on the rise, retailers and manufacturers who've jumped on the global product bandwagon say their products are selling like hotcakes.
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Business Week online - December 18, 2005
Hispanic toys, games hit holiday displays
As 6-year-old Lizbeth Sanchez helped her mother shop for Christmas presents on a recent December afternoon, she stopped, mouth agape, at the Dora the Explorer talking dollhouse welcoming her in English and her native Spanish.
    • Download the pdf file here

Vista Magazine - December 2005
2005 Gift Guide ("Regalos")
The time is now! The holidays are upon us, which means soon will be time to get together with friends and family, exchanging gifts that represent the love and affection we feel towards each other.
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South Florida Parenting - December 2005
Abuelito and Abuelita dolls hit it big
A pint-sized, Spanish-lullaby-singing abuelito and abuelita hardly seems like rock stars. But at their debut in Miami, the duo caused such a fan-frenzy that management had to step in to control the crowds.
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South Florida CEO - December 2005
Reliving Childhood
A Miami firm hopes it has hit a moneymaking soft spot with dolls that sing traditional Spanish lullabies - and national toy retailers are taking notice. Baby Abuelita Productions' toys are designed to imitate the look and sound of Latin grandparents.
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KBIG 104.3 - November 29, 2005
Charlie Tuna Holiday Gift Ideas
December 1 through December 15, Charlie will reveal his HOLIDAY Gift Ideas. Each weekday we will be unveiling a new gift idea. Each day as the gift is unveilded and details will be on this page.
    • Download the pdf file here

La Vida - November 28, 2005
Baby Abuelito and Abuelita, singing grandparent dolls
Toy aficionados call it the next big thing in child's play. Baby Abuelito and Abuelita, two singing grandparent dolls have found a loyal following in the Latino community. When you squeeze their hands the dynamic duo sing classic Spanish-language lullabies or "canciones de cuna."

Coral Gables News - November 15, 2005
Spanish lullaby-singing dolls on shelves for the holidays
Baby Abuelita Productions, a South Miami-based manufacturer of Spanish lullaby-singing dolls that preserve the Hispanic heritage, will launch it's unique product in South Florida Toys R' Us just in time for the holiday season.
    • Download the pdf file here

The Miami Herald - November 12, 2005
Baby Abuelita grows up, expands presence
Abuelita Rosa and Abuelito Pancho - the singing grandparent dolls, whose Spanish lullabies and nursery rhymes have found a following in South Florida - are finally taking their show on the road.
    • Download the pdf file here

Richmond Parents Monthly - November 2005
Buenas Noches
Three working mothers form south Florida wanted to preserve the Spanish-language lullabies they remembered from childhood, so they created "Abuelita Rosa" and "Abuelito Pancho." These dolls, dressed like "grandma" and "grandpa" sing traditional game songs and nursery rhymes in Spanish.
    • Download the pdf file here

The Miami Herald - June 5, 2005
Baby Abuelita Productions ranks second
In the digitized and high-pitched battle for children's attention, you wouldn't think that a couple of grandparent dolls who croon Spanish lullabies would stand a chance.
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