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Conserving Hispanic Culture Through Games


Sing Along With Abuelita Rosa: Canciones De Cuna
A Mom's Choice Awards Recipient!, March 20, 2008
By Mom's Choice Awards
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January 2011 ~ Diana R., North Bergen, NJ
I just have to say I saw this doll at target in north bergen, nj and i so fell in love with her. The abuelita doll reminds me of my great grandma's singing, so I had to purchase it for my 4 month old daughter and she loves it!!! She stares at it hugs it she loves the spanish singing.
I must say that the 2 ladies who came up with this invention have a very wonderful & educational toy for the latin community and for all the communities who want their children to learn spanish.
I thank you for your hard work and dedication to come up with this creation.
I can't wait to get her the abuelito next month.

September 2010 ~ Linda D., San Antonio, TX
I wanted to send you a message stating how beautiful the grandmother doll is. I was at Walmart last night and I happen to pick up a doll and press the button I cried when I heard the doll sing. My grandmother was the core of our family and always sang to us as little kids. She has since past away and once someone is past on you never get that touch, voice or comfort back and to hear the doll sing brought me to tears.
I felt like she was there again singing to me and it brought back so many memories. I wanted to say thank you for making such a beautiful doll. God bless

October 2009 ~ Nancy, MD
I was in Kmart and happened to run into Abuelito Pancho. Out of my curiosity I played with him and took Abuelito Pancho home. I'm first generation American and my children do not speak any spanish at all. Partially my fault however I've never encountered any toys like Abuelito Pancho to help you teach your children to speak the language. I'm so grateful to you all to have established such a great learning toy to the hispanic community. I will order the entire collection so that this can be the start of my children learning their mothers first language. I commend you all for such a great idea!

September 2009 ~ Liz G W, OH
Thank you so much for creating the Baby Abuelita dolls. A few years ago, near the anniversary of my mom's death, I passed a toy aisle in Kmart here in Ohio. Suddenly I stopped and saw Baby Abuelita. I thought to myself, "no way!". When I pressed her hand, the first lullaby was que linda manita. There I was in the middle of Kmart crying my eyes out and reliving my childhood with the songs my mother sang to me. I bought the doll and came home and told my husband all about it. Now mind you, my husband is "white" and didn't know anything about my Spanish lullabies (I am a Nuyorican). When he saw the excitement in my eyes, he took it upon himself to look your website up and for my birthday, he and my son (also a Nuyorican), bought me the rest of the dolls. I was shocked and so grateful to them. They sit on my bureau in my bedroom.
Now here is where the story gets really emotional for me. My son saw me and his biological father go through a rough time when we divorced—his biological father was an alcoholic. He always said he would never marry nor have kids. Well I am here to tell you that last June my son married a "white" woman and last week, they had a little baby girl who is the light of my life. My daughter in law has told me that she wants Haylee to know her heritage and so the dolls will go to her as she gets older. As I sit here with Abuelita Rosa playing and singing the songs to a less than a week old baby, I am filled with so much love and happiness that she will know her heritage. Both my parents are in heaven and will never meet her but their legacy—their heritage will remain with me and with Haylee. I just noticed a new doll—Baby Mimi—my birthday is next month. I asked for it for my birthday.
Thank you for letting me live my childhood over and over again!

May 2009 ~ Tricia K, TN
I just got your "Baby Abuelita". What a wonderful product! My mother is from Guatemala and my Granddaughter calls her "Lita". I ran across your doll at Kmart. We all just love it. We will be learning to sing in Spanish.
I am sure we will soon be ordering the other dolls. We can not find them at any retail stores so we will order them from your website.
Thank you again for such a great product!

March 2009 ~ Frances, TX
We are required to do, "Above and beyond" what the school district does for our kids.
I saw your dolls at a Walmart store and heard the songs they sing, noticed the clothes they wore and the fact that they reminded me of my grandparents. Our program is mostly Hispanic, so we try to include enrichment of the Hispanic culture in our lessons during our tutorial program. Our children have lost some of the "old-school" traditions.
We have to re-teach some of our old traditions to the new generations including the basic songs abuelitas and abuelitos used to sing to us. Your dolls will provide the opportunity to do just that. We also have a Building Bridges program that works with our 3 year olds. They will also use your dolls, DVD and do lessons based on these characters and common themes in our curriculum. Again, thank you for creating these particular products! I truly look forward to working these into our program.

November 2008 ~ Jackie, Carlstadt, NJ
The Baby Abuelita line is a great concept. My daughter has made an association with the Baby Abuelita dolls and her grandparents. They now can share a special bond of their childhood with my daughter's generation. Whether it is in the car on the way to the park or in the middle of the afternoon in the living room, you can hear them singing together and applauding after every song with happiness and excitement knowing that they can sing all day. You have made old songs new again to another generation that hopes to keep their heritage alike.

June 2008 ~ Lourdes, West Palm Beach, Fl
I just want to thank you for making this doll. My aunt bought one for my daughter and they are all of the songs that my grandmother sang to me. My grandmother is no longer living but I can continue the tradition and teach my daughter the beautiful songs from my childhood.
Thanks Again

December 2007 ~ Barbara, East Brunswick, NJ
I just want to express my appreciation for what you have created. I was born in the US but my whole family including my siblings are from Cuba and Spain. I have a little girl who is 2 years old and of course we have sung most of these songs to her. When my father first saw baby abuelita in a store, he was raving about it. When he went back to buy one they were all gone.
I found them at Toys R us and bought them all. They are truly a treasure. Although I never had the honor of knowing the "old" Cuba, I want to instill our culture and traditions into our daughter's life - it's naturally in us!
I truly believe your production will be a huge hit - hopefully bigger than Dora!! The world should have a taste of our "flavor".
I wish you all great success - may God Bless.

December 2007 - Bruny
Congrats!!!!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you how much joy you have given me today. My daughter and I went x-mas shopping at Wal-Mart and the roles were reversed when my daughter cried at seeing me so happy when I found the treasure of a life time.........for 30 minutes I played, sang and remembered my childhood growing up in Puerto Rico listening to these "Canciones de cuna".
My dilemma was which of the dolls to get and for who. Well guess what??? I got Abuelita Rosa , Abuelito Pancho, Baby Andrea and Baby Tita. The only one the store did not have was the Baby (My daughter will be on the look out for the baby.)... and guess who I got them for ? "MYSELF", my 50th birthday is December 22 and I could not think of a better gift for myself than to bring back all the beauty of innocence lost. I will share these beautiful memories and songs with my granddaughter and grandson Christmas day and hopefully start a tradition every Christmas day of just remembrance and joy for the next 50 years of my life....(sic)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and may your business grow a million fold for the wonder you bring to the latinos out here who have grow in this beautiful country but have not forgotten where their roots are and will continue telling the young ones of the wonderful times we had "BACK IN THE DAYS". Once again "Congrats" and "Feliz Navidad".

August 07, 2007 ~ Mary
I just had to say Thank You for making a product that means more than just being about play time. Like others that I have read about, as soon as I pressed the Abuelitos hand- I couldn't keep tears back. You chose a perfect voice for the Abuelo doll, he reminds me of the Abuelo I lost over 11 years ago, but his singing remains my fondest memory of him! The name couldn't have been more perfect either- Thank You again for allowing me to keep my Abuelito Ponchito's memory alive and giving me the ability to share him with my daughter who never got the chance to meet a wonderful man.
Chicago, IL

July 2007
In November 2006 my grandma Alta Gracia a native of Puerto Rico died after a long battle with Alzheimers. We grew up living in the same apartment bldg in NYC, she on the first floor and my family on the 5th. She was a part of my every day life. I am 38 and was shopping in Target for a birthday present when I saw HER. There was a little Baby Abuelita looking up at me. She was the only one on the shelf. I squeezed her hand and she began to sing "Pin pon, el dedito en el pilon". This is a song that my mom sang to my son when he was a baby!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this beautiful doll. I am sending one to my sister today and will let all my friends who has Spanish grandmas know about her!!!

April 21, 2007 ~ Grace
I saw these wonderful dolls at my niece's and when we heard their songs, one of my other nieces started crying when she heard some of the songs because my mom use to sing them to her. We lost my mom three years ago; my niece actually had to leave the room as we were listening to all the songs the pair of Abuelitos sang. The doll I'm interested in is for my own granddaughter who is going to be three, and I believe that these are songs that we all should grow up with. Once again thank you.
El Paso, TX

January 11, 2007 ~ Edna
Dear Ladies: I came across the doll at Walmart when shopping for my granddaughter for Christmas. I was tickled, I knew she would love it. I came home and decided to show it to my mom. It was about 10pm, I took it in she was still awake. Well, I turned it on and my mom just lit up. She loved it so much she wouldn't give it back to me. I laughed and left it with her.Told my husband he laughed and said lets go get another one right now before Walmart runs out. My mother has Alzheimer's, congestive heart failure and parkinson disease. Now every time I turn it on for her she gives you a great smile and so happy to hear the songs. It has been such a great gift. I thank you so much for making my mom laugh.
P.S. Since then I have bought 8 of them.

December 12, 2006 ~ Leslie R.
Your company has made a miracle. I would like to share my story with you.

One of my fondest and earliest childhood memories is of my grandfather. He and I were very close and we loved each other very much. Sadly, when I was only eight years old, he passed away. His death broke my heart. I remember being so lost, desperate that my best friend was gone. To this day, at the age of twenty-eight, thinking of him brings tears to my eyes. Now on with the rest of the story.

The clearest memory I have of my "Lito" -- I called him "Lito" because when I was little I couldn't say "Abuelito" and it stuck! -- The clearest memory I have of Lito was him bouncing me on his knee while singing to me in Spanish. I was not raised in a Spanish speaking home and over the years I forget the words to those songs. Whenever I would make a friend who came from a Hispanic family like me, I would sing them the little pieces of the songs I knew, hoping they would recognize them and be able to tell me the name of the song. Every now and then, someone would tell me that it sounded familiar but could not recall enough to help me figure it out.

Last night, I was at the store shopping for Christmas presents. I was walking down the aisle in the toy section when Abuelito Pancho caught my eye. He looked just like my Lito. His guayabara shirt and trousers were just like the clothes my grandfather wore. Then, I played the songs. As the doll began to sing, tears came to my eyes. They were the long lost songs I feared I would never hear again. I called my father and told him what I had found. He was amazed at my discovery.

I have decided to buy Abuelito Pancho and save him for the day that I have a child. I will give him to my father, so that he can sing the same songs my Lito sang to me.

Thank you for bringing back the memories of my dear grandfather. Thank you for giving me a miracle.

December 12, 2006 ~ Michael C.
I applaud you and congratulate you on your new line of products. I read about your company in the "Family Broward" magazine. I am so happy to see that a company such as yours has not only endeavored to create a new line of products recognizing family, particularly grandparents. I am also pleased that it is focused on the Hispanic culture, products like yours are long overdue. Again, my congratulations!

December 8, 2006 ~ Perneice
This is a great product and although I am not of Hispanic heritage this has been a desire for me to keep with my husband's heritage of P.R. My family and I moved to NC in 1989 leaving all other family members in CT. Of course when we moved we didn't know how scarce Hispanics were here, so I lost a great deal of knowledge of understanding and speaking Spanish. Even after my husband passed away I decided to continue creating and instilling the heritage of their grandparents into my children and now grandchildren. There are more Hispanics now and I am in school for the language also. I have lots of books and cd's in Spanish but I think this will also help. Thanks for your hard work on getting this out.

December 8, 2006 ~ Leyden
I just finished wiping the tears from my eyes. It's been too long since I heard these wonderful songs from my own abuelita's voice. My mother and she kept the tradition alive for me even after we migrated from Honduras. But as we grew and there were no more babies for many years the songs seemed a distant memory.

When I clicked on Abuelita Rosa's link for the first time....I was so overcome. By memories, by sounds, by the scent of my own dear departed Abue. Thank you for bringing these wonderful dolls to life. I am planning on buying each one for my new niece. The first baby in the family in a long time!

Thanks again for the memories!
- Leyden, The Nueva Latina (http://nuevalatina.blogspot.com)

November 1, 2006 ~ Lisa D.
Thank you so much for responding back quickly to me. I love your products they are the sweetest baby dolls I have seen. I am sure my Babies will enjoy them very much. It is hard finding dolls that will help my children learn about their ethnicity. Again Thank you very much.

December, 2005 ~ Teresa
I am sure you are aware of how well your product is selling, you must be very excited. I ordered on line last night as I had gone to every store in Los Angeles county trying to buy Mi Abuelita for my first grandchild. I first learned of your dolls on Channel 7 news here in Southern California. It is great to see that these young ladies want to carry on their heritage.I have shared your website with everyone at work and many of my co-workers are going to purchase the dolls also...many of them for their mothers ....I printed out the lyrics to the songs and the gals all became emotional, saying they grew up singing those exact songs. Each store you had listed as carrying the dolls told me the same story...as soon as the trucks arrive and the dolls are unloaded they sell out. Toys R Us in Pomona told me that they have people waiting in the parking lot each morning to buy the dolls and they always sell out within an hour or so..WOW... Congratulations!! I am really looking foward to recieving Mi Abuelilta and sharing her with Isabella....

October, 2005 ~ Sarah F.
I am so excited to just receive the abuelita and abuelito dolls. What a great idea! I am a first grade teacher who wishes to share these lovely songs with my students. I hope I don't wear down the batteries before the kids get to enjoy them!

August 31, 2005 ~ Conchi
I am a spanish teacher in Richmond, Virginia and I am looking to use the dolls in my classroom. I saw the dolls this summer while visiting my sister-in-law, they are wonderful ...and brought back wonderful memories. What a great idea.

August 17, 2005 ~ M.L.
I just bought Pancho & Rosa for my parents, who are becoming grandparents for the first time. My grandparents recently passed, but I have such clear memories of them both singing various Cuban songs to us as we were growing up. It is so touching to see these dolls, and hear how clearly they sing as well! The fact that there are dolls that are "abuelitos" and sing just as my abuelitos did is very heart warming. My parents were very moved by receiving these munecas, and I am so excited, too!

August 15, 2005 ~ Kathy
You are absolute geniuses to create these dolls! When I heard Abuelito Pancho singing "Los Pollitos Dicen," my eyes teared up because he sounds exactly the way my dad does when he sings it to my daughter. And "Duermete niña" was the first Spanish song my mother taught me. You can be assured my daughter will be getting these dolls from her Va (Portuguese for Grandma) and Buelo para la Navidad.

July 11, 2005 ~ Dawn
I can't wait to get these dolls. My poor babies have lost everyone in their life [in Guatemala] and are soon to start a new life here. We speak only a little Spanish and are taking lessons with a tutor, but I know it will be so comforting to hear the songs they know sung to them in their native tongue. These are wonderful products that you have made. Thank you!

June 28, 2005 ~ Ely
Thank you very much for your quick response, as I sent the message to, it was delivered at my door. Thank you very much they are awesome, I hope that my daughter enjoys them as I did when I was younger.

May 28, 2005 ~ Paul R.
(The doll) was received!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...She is absolutely gonna love this doll!!. If you ever need a customer testimonial for superb service and an excellent product, please feel free to use my name.

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