Abuelita Rosa Doll

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Abuelito Pancho
Abuelito Pancho

Our unique line of plush dolls sings very special nursery rhymes that will warm your heart, recapture the memories of your childhood and teach a new generation the joys of Hispanic musical heritage.

Abuelita Rosa, wearing a pink gingham daisy "bata de casa" (house dress), sings

   Arroz con Leche
   Que linda manita que tiene el Baby
   Esa niña linda
   Pon, pon, pon el dedito en el pilón
   Azótate la mocita
   Duérmete mi niña

Item: # BA0001
Item description: This 17" soft and cuddly plush doll comes in its own unique packaging designed to appear like a rocking chair. Abuelita Rosa sings 6 special songs preserving Hispanic heritage.
Price: $24.99

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Product Quality and Safety: Baby Abuelita products are tested to ensure they meet or exceed all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International standards. To date, none of the Baby Abuelita products have been affected by any recalls and are tested regularly to ensure the manufacturer's quality workmanship and product safety compliance.